since 1943...

                                                                                                                  We DESIGN

                                      BUILT and MAINTAIN                                  

                                      BRIQUETTE PRESSES




Petroleum was in shart supply. An alternative fuel was sought that could be obtained from indigenous: Founding of Pawert-SPM AG Basel.


We still do what we can do best as machine builders: We build briquette presses. The Metzger family takes over Pawert-SPM AG (construction and distribution in Basel) and SIM AG (production and maintenance in Birsfelden) and so secure the future of these traditional brands. SIM becomes Techmosim.


Success needs room: Both companies move to Muttenz close to Basel. A shared and larger facility offers sufficient room for growth.


Pawert-SPM AG becomes Pawert-spm and is integrated into Techmosim AG.